Thursday, June 28, 2007

Nut Raj ! Need I say any more ?

Nut RaJ !! How does one begin about this dude? I usually contemplate the decision to write about somebody only after I've known the person for years. I've known this nut job for a couple of months now and it already seems like I've known him for an entire life time. Well, some people really are that way I guess and then again, maybe it’s Einstein’s theory of relativity at play. So here’s a tribute to you buddy and all those little things you do that gets on my nerves :D

It's not even like me and the nut hit it off right from day one but only sometime during my second week at PwC and boy did we hit it off famously! We're not even talking about fellow consultants with nothing to do at office, bonding with one another out of sheer need for company but the fact that this dude is the dude to know if it's your first day in office (or the first day of the second week as it turned out). He's brimming with information which he'll share with you with hardly any coaxing. His heart is untouched and pristine and he'll innocently share with you even his deepest secrets if he senses but the tiniest bit of trust in you and if you're thinking that this could be the dude's undoing someday, I can only say that this makes people like and respect him better and love him more for it is rare to meet a person such as this in the big bad world. (I'm being paid good money to write this :D )

Contrary to the image he exudes, he is conservative to the core and his parents ought to be proud that he's turned out the way he has (can't think of too many other people who would think that way actually :D ). His parents have been trying to get him ‘settled’ in life (I’m sure you know what I'm talking about here) for some time now and Nattu's been really worried in recent times that he's going to be married off to the first proposal that he approves of. So, he's been rejecting proposals left and right, leaving heartbroken women in his wake, but recently we were all taken aback when he wouldn’t let us hear the end of how great his father is and why it’s always good to leave the most important decisions in our lives to our parents. Turns out that they found a babe for him that was quite a looker too. But some things in the world are unfortunately finalized through mutual consent. Wonder why we never heard about her ever again ?. :D. Well I’m really being mean here (so sue me !). I’m going to try and make it up to Nataraj in the next few lines. Few people know that he rushes back to his family business every day even after a long, hard day (giggle) at office, to help out, all the way till closing time. Wonder what he does there though for he's on gtalk till 12 midnight chatting with people :D. Like I said, his parents ought to be proud (yeah right :D) ! … er … that didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to … honest !

A recent walk-in that we conducted in office also brought out the fact that he's a crowd control expert in addition to which he also astonished us all with the amount of energy he exuded throughout the day as he helped coordinate most of the operations. It’s like he was able to part the ‘walk-in crowd’ like Moses parted the seas in that famous Biblical tale of Exodus, to lead his people to the Promised Land, by just spreading his arms and commanding the sea to obey him. But now when you think about it, it was probably just lack of deo :D. Rexona, are you reading this ? I think I just found you your next model (or test subject atleast :D )

An expert in multitasking, he breaks all rules of science and of the space-time continuum as we know it, for he disappoints neither boss nor chat buddy. But a close examination of his laptop’s display reveals how this genius is able to accomplish the aforementioned feat. He neatly stacks gtalk chat windows to fit the navigation pane on the MS Axapta screen so as to trick the untrained eye into thinking that he’s actually seriously wracking his brains on the latest bug that’s come his way. An even closer look reveals further that although the gtalk windows mysteriously change in number and content, the MS Axapta screen on the right side of the navigation pane, however hasn’t changed too much over the last few weeks :D. If you’re waiting for ‘MS-duet’ to happen, maybe MS should also consider a joint effort with Google to integrate Gtalk into Axapta. Although this move would ensure that the world would see Axapta for the crappy package it is, I can assure you that it’ll definitely improve Nattu’s productivity by leaps and bounds. And buddy, MS sucks … SAP rulez !!

The Nut’s also one of the most humble people I've come across in my professional career, for he keeps saying that he's too 'dumb' (Like I said, I'm being paid good money to write this). AS a matter of fact he's so dumb that he can't tell a male chimp from a female chimp. Now I'm not going to embarrass the reader by describing how one actually goes about the matter of distinguishing male chimps from the female of the species. Perish the thought! Well most of us can tell the male of any species from the female anyway by looking at ... er ... identifying certain ... um ... distinguishing features :D ... but apparently not our hero. He recently had to be 'persuaded' to remove a certain picture by yours truly from his orkut album which had two chimps dressed up like the 'Men in black' (you know, the movie with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones?) and had a caption under the picture that read ... I quote - "Me and my wife". er ... I'm sure I don't have to delve into the issue anymore than I already have.

This dude’s got to be the biggest Rajnikanth fan I’ve ever seen (in PwC at least :D) and was even supposed to be in Chennai to catch the 'superstar' in action in his latest venture - 'Shivaji'. He's been raving on and on about the movie for the last one month and was supposed to miss office for a few days to be in Chennai on 'D day' to catch the 'first day first show'. Thankfully, it was decided at the last moment by the powers that be to release the movie in Bangalore as well and our hero couldn’t have been happier. I myself missed the movie owing to the fact that I had to be in Calcutta during it’s release but Nattu did more than just watch the movie. He er ... watched it thrice … on the first day … and then twice the next day. By the time I publish this blog entry, the bugger would probably have watched it twenty times!! I kid you not!

Can we really be jealous of an ordinary looking man who's almost sixty years old (and who looks every year of 'em sixty year) but who's still got the moves to woo women young enough to be his daughters? er ... We're still talking about Rajnikanth here :D ... Nataraj, like so many millions of fanatical fans smitten by the Rajni bug all over the world sincerely believes that it's not what a person is inside (and other mushy goo) but gimmicks and stunts he performs that really attract the attention of women. So much so, that he's been really at it for the last couple of months to woo the love of his life. Apart from the fact that Nataraj could in all likelihood now write a research paper on her profile on orkut, he's been trying every trick in the book to get her attention ... er, does he really have to confess to one and all that he's dumb ? :D Some of the many little things he’s done to get her attention –

  • Creation of a picture mosaic with her pictures hidden amidst a thousand others
  • Arbit Gtalk status messages (you haven’t seen arbit Gtalk messages till you’ve seen some of his)
  • Admitting to being a chimpanzee and therefore attracted to other chimps albeit male ones
  • Blasting her via email (why would you do something like that to someone you like? Kindergarten behaviour if you ask me :D)
  • Getting people to write him testimonials on Orkut (muhuhahahahahahahaha … be careful what you wish for, for your wish could come true in a manner you couldn’t have imagined possible)
  • Putting pictures of himself sleeping at his desk, on orkut. I ask you ! In which country is that cool ?!!! ^#$^&$*
  • Transforming his orkut profile into a Kannada one with the hope that she'll fall for him now ... two words for ya buddy ... 'DREAM ON !'

He should have been the star of the latest installment in the 'Die Hard' series because the dude just doesn't know when to give up. He still harbors in some nook of his heart the hope that the love of his life would some day acknowledge his existence (to begin with). Unable to figure out whether she was offline on gtalk or if she'd blocked him, our hero almost had a panic attack one day and the situation got so out of hand that he had to be sedated :D

Rock on dude! You put the 'ly' in 'hard working’:D. Just reach for the stars and you shall have them too :) ... We all know that you've been reaching upwards within the building at least (wink wink) … You make us want to come to office everyday … er … well, me atleast, although I can’t really say the same about Ksheetij or Tiwari :D. Neither has decided to bless us with their presence today :D

Nut Raj ! Consider yourself blessed. For you have been pooped upon by El Pollo Del Infierno :D. I pray that you get whatever you desire in life including the love of the woman YOU love and the company that's been promising to take you in as CEO with an 8 figure salary for the last couple of months !!