Tuesday, November 21, 2006

An ode to the toads

Aniket’s our able leader,

Benefactor, supplier and feeder.

His whip strong and fine,

Keeps our behinds in line.

Prodipto’s the thinker with the brain,

With him around, only victories shall we gain.

He’s gonna win us Index,

Like a superhero in tight spandex.

Murgi’s the man with the tune,

Overall, a big fat loon.

His guitar leaves one and all spellbound,

His globe has the power to confound.

Anoop’s our very own funny man,

He’ll soon land himself a world wide ban.

They say he’s got the gift of gab,

Somewhere under twenty layers of flab.

Sai Suman’s, the man with focus,

If we faltered, he’d choke us.

He teaches school kids on week ends,

On other days, he does sit ups and knee bends.

Vasava’s the man with the brush,

Some of his works could make you blush.

Although he claims that he’s a Buddhist,

His paintings always celebrate the nudist.

Hemant’s our own Mr. analyst,

Ever the unrelenting misogynist.

His motto’s - In excel we trust,

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Sandeep Lal, the hip hop king,

We no talkin’ ‘bout tha way he sing.

Odes in his praise abound,

About the way his pants always kiss the ground.

Rupak’s Mr. Responsible,

Of unbridled clumsiness reprehensible.

God of all things Powerpoint,

He’ll never be the one to disappoint.

Sovan’s our knight in shining armor,

Perish all thoughts in this regard you may harbor.

If you thought our remarks couldn’t get any snider,

We just meant that he’s ‘free and a good rider’.

Last and definitely not the least are the fachas,

They might think otherwise, but they’re just a bunch of bacchas.

All they want is free food and booze,

But with them around, we aint ever gonna lose.

If you’re wondering ‘bout this set of clowns,

Upon whom all logic frowns.

Here they are in their Sunday best,

To do the bidding of that Aniket pest.

So, here they are, our motley crew,

A mish mash just like Irish stew.

We’ve got people of all colour and hue,

With the requisite amount of spunk and enthu.

Ajay Chauhan thinks he’s the Infobahn

Rohan Chitnis is no sucker for fitness

Hemant Gangaraju once made out in a zoo

Akash Singhla loves all the hoopla

Abhishek Bali leers at the kaamwali

Anirbhan ... “I have to work! Darn !”

Ankit Agarwal’s a li’l know it all

Rajat Goyal, knows not the meaning of toil

Monika Sharma’s quite the ‘charmah’

Shweta Jhamb … well, what on earth rhymes with Jhamb ?!

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Bharath said...

Hehe ... Mr Poopet good going!!!